Community Engagement

Sheriff Kincaid knows that a culture of consistent, positive community engagement is essential to a functional and effective criminal justice system. Stacey believes in building trust, ensuring transparency, and always being open to new ideas that will help move the community forward. That’s why under Sheriff Kincaid has ushered in a new era of never before seen reforms to the way the law enforcement interacts with the community they serve here in Fairfax County. By increasing the number of events that members of the Sheriff’s Office attend and services that deputies, staff, and volunteers provide in communities and neighborhoods, Stacey has created trust and understanding with areas and individuals that were previously overlooked and underserved. By partnering the Sheriff’s Office with social service agencies and nonprofits, Stacey has has found new ways for law enforcement to impact critical missions like ending and preventing homelessness, breaking systemic cycles of poverty, and raising awareness about domestic violence and abuse across the County.

The work continues as Sheriff Kincaid looks forward to encouraging her staff and officers to get out into the community, get to know neighborhoods and families that fill them, and seek out new, creative programs that utilize Fairfax County’s highly-trained police officers above and beyond responding to incidents of crime.