Inmate Reentry

Under Sheriff Kincaid’s leadership, the Sheriff’s Office provides a large variety of opportunities for inmates to gain more education, life skills, self-awareness and confidence to facilitate better choices and to improve their chances of becoming productive members of our community after they are released.

Inmates can take classes to prepare for the GED certification exam; last year 27 inmates earned their GED and one graduated from high school. They can learn how to sew, draw or practice yoga. They can work in the jail kitchen and potentially earn the nationally recognized ServSafe Food Service Manager Certification. They can build employability and workplace skills. They can learn about financial planning, responsible parenting, anger management and the impact of crime. They can plan for a healthier and safer future. We all benefit.

It is not the role of the Sheriff’s Office to punish. That job belongs to the courts. Our goal is rehabilitation. We provide second chances and hope.” 

– Sheriff Stacey Ann Kincaid